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My name is Anja, and I’m a certified career and health coach living, working, and playing in New York City. In addition to being a thriving businesswoman, I’m also a fitness enthusiast, an avid reader, and a budding wine connoisseur! When I’m not helping women become the best version of themselves, you can catch me working towards my Executive MBA or staying active in my boxing classes.

I’m very passionate about two things: health and business. As a woman, I’ve always struggled with misconceptions of what these two ideas look like; if you’re not clocking in 60+ hours and you dare to take a vacation, then you’re not serious about your business. If you’re not drinking green smoothies or meditating for an hour a day, then you’re not “healthy.” My goal is to challenge these ideas and help you customize and realize your own version of business, health, and success

For as long as I can remember, I have been insatiably curious about what the “best version of myself” could look like. I’ve gone through many journeys in my own life — weight loss, quitting smoking and drinking, and ending relationships that didn’t work for me. I started to focus on transforming my own life, and soon I was asking myself “Can I really have it all?”

Now, I help young women across the globe tune down the noise, focus on themselves, and create manageable action plans to turn their dreams into realities. Together, we will explore all of the latest research, tools, and techniques to map out your plan for success, both in the realms of business and health.

By setting realistic, ambitious goals, I can help you turn your dreams into projects, manage the hell out of them, and get them done. I will help you stop overwhelming yourself to the point of action paralysis — small step by small step, we will achieve big results in your business life!

To focus on your health, we will work together to identify your primary and secondary foods based on your bio-individuality and learn how to decrease cravings, improve digestion, and create routines that will fit your lifestyle and keep you energized and satisfied in all areas of your Circle of Life.

Let’s prioritize YOU and uncover the best, most vibrant and joyful version of yourself!

Reach out to schedule your free consultation today or explore one of our group classes, weekend reset guides or workshops in NYC.